About us



Company’s goal is to build a world-class manufacturer of hard-to-process plastics compounds.

the “Company” is a leading manufacturer of specialty elastomers and bioplastics through its partners: Compounding Engineering Solutions Inc. and Alterra Plastics Inc. The Company operates manufacturing facilities in Seymour, Indiana and Clifton, New Jersey. Our facilities have over 100 million pounds of compounding capacity.  Our downstream capabilities include drying, sheet production thermoforming and injection molding.

CES was established in 1999 as a high-end compounding company by Dr. Arash Kiani, an expert in twin screw compounding with many years of prior experience at Coperion both in Germany and the United States. CES combines outstanding manufacturing competency with advanced formulation know-how and makes it the preferred subcontracting partner for vertically integrated chemical companies. CES is a specialist in flexible compounding configurations allowing for variant screw configurations, line set-ups, feeder set-ups including liquid metering.

CES Company engineers a wide range of materials, resulting in a unique compound that solves your application problems and delivers the solution with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.


CES’s leadership is strong with cross-disciplined industry-experienced leaders dedicated to quality,
innovation, customer partnership, and product development.


Dr. Arash Kiani,President of Alterra Holdings and Founder of CES Division

– Over 30 years of compounding experience

– Manager of R&D at Coperion from 1989 to 1999

– Started CES in 1999

– Coperion Werner& Pfleidere , Manager of CFD ,

– 30 years of compounding experience ,

– Over 2000 trials/production at CES between 1999 to 2016 for world class compounders and chemical companies ,

– Holder of  first patent on non self wiping element (http://www.google.com/patents/US6116770)

Saquib Toor, BCM Founder and CFO of Alterra Holdings

– Over 16 years of investment experience and more than $1 billion of equity capital invested

– Senior investment professional at D.E. Shaw & Co, Centerbridge Partners and JLL Partners

– Deep knowledge of turn-arounds and chemicals investments

– MBA and BS from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Greg Corona, BCM Co-Founder and Chairman of Alterra Holdings

– Over 30 years of direct investment, advisory and operational experience

– Executive Advisor to D.E. Shaw & Co., Partner at Paladin Capital Group

– Executive at Ford Motor, CEO and COO of middle market companies, served as a Director in 18 companies

– Executive Education Program at Harvard Business School, MBA from University of Detroit and BA from Michigan

State University

Hamid Piram,

Plant Manager CES



We view ourselves to be more than a plastics solutions manufacturer. We are a team of men and women who take the promises we make to our customers very seriously. We understand that we have a responsibility to provide quality material to the people who use our products everyday, and we pride ourselves on that responsibility.


We value and reward honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness in our team members, so we can count on each other and our customers can count on us.


We understand that family comes first, and we recognize how challenging it is to balance work and home life. Therefore, we do our best to create a support-system among our team members so that balancing work and family is more manageable.

Customer Focus

We not only say we put customers’ needs first, we demonstrate it daily through active listening, prompt communications, and consistent implementation of solutions.


CES’s strength is in our people and processes. We are ISO certified and we’ve implemented best-in-class technology to ensure high quality service and products.

  • A dynamic, talented, diverse, and dedicated workforce.
  • World-class facilities producing elastomers, thermoplastics, specialty compounds, and bioplastic alternatives.
  • The ability to customize solutions for customers through leadership in process and product technologies.
  • Our agile organizational structure ensures that we address customer needs with speed and accuracy.
  • A balanced geographic spread enables us to grow regionally.
  • Our active and accomplished board of directors contribute expertise from technological, financial,
  • investment, automotive, industrial, and consumer products industries.


Integral aspects of CES’s philosophy include safety, health, environment, and quality

CES is dedicated to limiting our impact on global ecological systems, and we’re committed to using the most efficient methods for preserving our planet’s precious resources.

We are adamant about practicing careful and methodical chemistry in our production of bioplastics. CES develops and commercializes environmentally friendly plastics with the intention of slowing, reversing, and eliminating our production of greenhouse gases.

As our world faces greater environmental threats, we at CES believe that it’s our responsibility to provide humanity with a green and sustainable products.